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Garden lounge concept: The advantages briefly explained

Garden lounge concept: The advantages briefly explained

With a garden lounge you can make yourself comfortable with your family or friends and enjoy the nice weather. There are significant differences in the garden lounges available on the market. For example, some models are not weatherproof and have to be covered every time they are not in use.

This is where the garden lounge concept comes into play. This concept includes, for example, weatherproof garden lounge furniture that dries within a very short time. The surfaces are also robust and dirt-repellent. Everything you need to know about the garden lounge concept and the benefits it brings can be found in this guide.

What is a garden lounge concept and how does it work?

A garden lounge concept is a design in which all the important features and properties of a garden lounge are summarised. All of the features combine to create the ideal garden lounge that's perfect for your garden or terrace.

Here is how the garden lounge concept works:

  • A frame, also known as a cage frame, serves as the basic element for the garden lounge. It’s made of aluminium, which is robust, light and rustproof
  • Foam elements made of the well-known Quick Dry Foam are applied to the frame. This is a high-quality foam that’s robust, soft and permeable to water (when it rains, the water flows through and is not absorbed)
  • Last but not least, there’s the actual fabric cover on the frame and foam. The acrylic fibre fabric combines three important and quite useful characteristics: It’s dirt-repellent, easy to care for and feels nice and soft. The ideal feature for garden furniture is also that it's waterproof, so it can stay outdoors.

The result is a concept that’s ideal for everyone. Many terrace and garden owners already swear by the garden lounge concept. And you’ll love it too!

Garden lounge furniture is trendy everywhere

Garden lounge furniture is trendy everywhere

Modern garden lounge furniture with Sunbrella outdoor fabric is becoming more and more popular everywhere. This also applies to Swiss customers who really appreciate the high level of comfort, weatherproof properties and many other advantages.

With a garden lounge, you can get the living room feeling outdoors in our garden or on your terrace. You have the impression that you’re taking your living room sofa outside.

You don’t have to cover the garden furniture in the event of bad weather. The modern garden lounge furniture also offers great added value in terms of design.

It's available in both light and dark colours and, together with accessories and decorative elements, is a real eye-catcher.

Lounge garden furniture is available in different versions

For whom is a garden lounge suitable?
For whom is a garden lounge suitable?
For whom is a garden lounge suitable?

The nice thing about the garden lounge furniture is that it’s available in different versions. You can custom design your garden lounge and decide for yourself which piece of furniture should be placed where.

Would you like a complete, large garden lounge set with a garden sofa and side table? Or would you prefer to set up individual elements such as garden loungers and/or lounge chairs? Anything is possible!

Among other things, we offer the following garden lounge furniture:

  • Garden lounge sets
  • Garden sofas (two or three seaters)
  • Garden loungers
  • Garden armchairs
  • Various garden lounge items for individual design

Garden lounge innovations come onto the market regularly so you’re always up to date and don't have to miss any trends. We also offer a wide range of different garden lounge product lines.

What are the advantages of a garden lounge made with Sunbrella?

Here are some important and decisive advantages of a garden lounge. We’re specifically considering a lounge made with Sunbrella outdoor fabric here:

  • No condensation or moisture settles on the surface. This prevents mould from forming. The surface also dries quickly
  • Sunbrella is stain resistant. This makes cleaning quick and easy. All you need is a little warm water with washing-up liquid
  • You can sit comfortably on the soft Sunbrella fabric and the Quick Dry Foam. It’s a real oasis of well-being
  • A Sunbrella garden lounge is also safe from UV radiation. Even with permanent exposure, the surface doesn’t become porous and cannot crack. The colours also stay fresh longer

Outdoor garden lounges are also available as a complete set

Don't want to search forever and pick out individual garden lounge elements and accessories on your own? You can also get a garden lounge as a complete set that has everything you need.

It includes, for example, a large garden corner lounge sofa that can seat 5 or more people. There’s also a small garden table where you can place small items such as drinks, plates or decorative elements.

If that’s still not enough space to sit, garden lounge sets with stools are also available. Your guests can also take a seat on the stools. Or you can put your feet up for a moment to really switch off.

Important: Measure the floor space beforehand

Have you decided to buy a garden lounge as a complete set or put it together with individual elements? Then you need to measure the space precisely beforehand. That’s the only way to ensure that all your garden lounge furniture will fit and there won’t be any problems.

Keep in mind that lounge furniture is a little larger than it sometimes looks in the pictures. The dimensions (length x width x height) are specified exactly in the respective product description.

Who needs a garden lounge?

Lounge garden furniture is available in different versions
Lounge garden furniture is available in different versions
Lounge garden furniture is available in different versions

A garden lounge is great for fresh air fanatics who sit in their garden or on the terrace almost every day in spring and summer. Weatherproof garden lounge furniture ensures you can always stay calm when a few clouds come in and a rain shower occurs.

Because you don't have to remove the upholstery or cover parts of the garden furniture every time. All you have to do is get yourself to safety and wait until the bad weather has passed.

It also doesn't take a lot of effort in terms of care to make the upholstery look like new again. Thanks to the dirt-repellent surface, dirt does not penetrate the Sunbrella fabric, so a little warm water and washing-up liquid is sufficient to quickly and easily wipe down the garden lounge.

A garden lounge is also ideal for you if you value comfort. The seats are generously padded and pleasantly soft.

What materials is garden lounge furniture made of?

All of the materials and the associated frame for the garden lounge furniture are listed below:

Base frame made of aluminium

Aluminium is light, robust and cannot rust. So it's the ideal material for making a base frame for a garden lounge. Several struts are connected to form a robust frame to provide a firm hold. In terms of maximum load capacity, it’s ok if several people sit on the garden lounge furniture.

Base frame made of aluminum

Outdoor Sunbrella fabric as a cover

Sunbrella outdoor fabric
Sunbrella Logo


While normal and conventional garden furniture has to be covered every time bad weather sets in, Sunbrella is completely weatherproof. Weather such as rain, wind, snow or hail can’t harm the surface. If it starts to rain, all you have to do is go inside and wait for it to pass.

Dirt-repellent and easy to care for

Dirt-repellent and easy to care for

There is no way to prevent dirt from settling on garden furniture over time. Sunbrella was designed in such a way that dirt and grime only settle on the surface, but not penetrate the material. If you want to clean your lounge garden furniture at regular intervals, this is done quickly and easily. All you need is a little warm water with washing-up liquid and a soft cleaning cloth. Aggressive cleaning agents are not required. The garden lounge will then look like new again.


Weatherproof garden lounge furniture with Sunbrella is not only safe from rain, snow and other weather conditions. UV radiation also plays a decisive role. In the long term, it can cause the surface of other fabrics to become porous, lose stability and even tear. Sunbrella, on the other hand, withstands UV light, so your garden lounge has a long lifespan.

Comfortable and soft

Despite all of the above features, the surface of an outdoor garden lounge made with Sunbrella still feels seductively soft. This is especially great on warm summer days, when you’re sitting on your garden lounge with shorts or bathing suits. Sunbrella is very pleasant on the skin and offers maximum comfort.

Durable and permeable to water: Quick Dry Foam padding

Have you already heard of Quick Dry Foam? It's the high-quality foam located directly under the Sunbrella fabric. It ensures you’re always comfortable when you are sitting. You’ll feel like you are sitting on your living room sofa. It can stay outdoors!

But Quick Dry Foam is much more than just pleasantly soft. The foam was also designed with a special technology that drains moisture and water downwards.

Durable and permeable to water: Quick Dry Foam pad

While conventional types of foam soak themselves completely full of rainwater, Quick Dry Foam drains water downwards. So if there was a rain shower and the clouds clear again, it only takes about 20 minutes for the cover and foam to be completely dry. Now you can sit down and relax again.

Connect individual elements quickly and easily with clips

If you opt for a large garden lounge (for example in an L-shape), the delivery will be made with individual elements depending on the space. Immediately afterwards, the individual parts are unpacked from the safe upholstery film and then connected to one another.

Connection clips, which are located on the underside of each individual element, are used for this. They ensure that a fast, simple and, above all, secure connection is established. Once connected, the elements no longer separate from one another and also no longer slide around. You feel like you are sitting on a real living room sofa.

Connecting clips

The high-quality plastic connections also ensure that the individual elements don’t vary slightly in height. There is also no uncomfortable clicking sound to be heard when you sit down.

An outdoor garden lounge is cosy and at the same time visually appealing

Outdoor garden lounge furniture has literally revolutionised gardens and terraces. This furniture conveys an unprecedented feeling.

This is due to the high-quality Sunbrella outdoor fabric and foam padding made from Quick Dry Foam. They ensure you feel like you have a living room in your garden and can make yourself comfortable outside at any time. Many garden owners are already convinced of this and are enjoying an unprecedented feeling of relaxation.

Garden lounge manufacturers have also come up with something great when it comes to design. The individual elements and complete sets are visually appealing and add a spark to every seating area. Together with the right accessories and the right colour, you can create a classy design that everyone will envy.

How do you clean your garden lounge?

Despite the weatherproof and dirt-repellent properties, you should clean your garden lounge regularly.

Below are some general tips and tricks for professional cleaning. The step-by-step instructions work for both general cleaning and intensive cleaning for treating stains.

  1. Use a soft brush to brush off any loose dirt from the surface
  2. Then prepare a bucket with lukewarm water and a few splashes of washing-up liquid (a quarter cup of washing-up liquid is required for 4 litres of water).
  3. Afterwards, use a soft brush or a soft sponge to carefully apply the cleaning water evenly to the garden lounge. Let the rinse water soak into the fabric for a moment.
  4. Last but not least, rinse the surface with clear water until all soap residues are completely removed. Now the material only has to dry completely and is ready for use again.

Matching accessories for a garden lounge

In addition to garden lounges, we offer wide range of lounge furniture accessories. This allows you to expand your lounge aesthetically and provides even more comfort.

Here are some of the accessories we offer:

Decorative pillows
Protective covers
Protective covers

Decorative cushions

Enhance the look of your garden lounge with matching decorative cushions. The cushions are available in individual light or dark colours and with beautiful motifs.

Protective covers

Despite the weather resistance, it makes sense to cover your weatherproof garden lounge furniture in autumn and winter. We offer matching, tailor-made protective covers for this.


If the sun shines too intensely in summer and you can hardly stand it, a parasol provides pleasant shade. Modern parasols can be swivelled in all directions and can be opened and closed quickly and easily.

Side tables

You can place various small items such as drinks, dinner plates or decorative elements on a small side table. So everything is within reach.

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